Chester Hawthorn 6th Earl of Drayton

What’s wrong with this portrait?


Meet Chester Hawthorn 6th Earl of Drayton.

Inspiration can come from strange places. Sometimes it comes from an old photo or painting. I came across a vintage portrait and thought about how much it reminded me of Captain Chester Hawthorn, 6th Earl of Drayton, Brandon’s father whom I mention in Painter of Dreams. So I did a little graphic manipulation and composed a biography for him. Here it is along with the family coat of arms. Now, he’s even more alive to me. and I know so much more about him.

And isn’t he handsome? .Of course. He would have to be as he’s the hunky Brandon and Aaron’s father.

If you’re a history buff, you may recognize this man. Yes, he was a real-life historical figure before I cut off his head and tucked him into a dashing naval uniform. We’ll see if any readers know his real identity. Also, there’s something else wrong with this image. Can you guess what it is?

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Chester Hawthorn 6th Earl of Drayton from Painter of Dreams
Chester Hawthorn 6th Earl of Drayton.