bbobette2Welcome. I’m Bobette Bryan, the author of Painter of Dreams, which is the first book in my North Star Series. Rose On My Pillow, the second book, will be available soon. I’m currently working on the fourth book, returning to New Orleans and Liverpool in order to write Deirdre’s story. Taking a peek into the lives of these beloved characters’s again has filled my summer with fun and intrigue. They’re more than just fictional characters. I’m so eager to share their stories with you.


I’m a 3D artist, web designer, and poet, but, above all, I’m a novelist.

For many years, I worked for an online greeting card company and was known for my romantic and inspirational poetry. Three hundred million of my poems have been shared worldwide. Before my stint in the greetings industry, I wrote erotic and horror short stories, which appeared in many publications. I currently have an online horror magazine called, Underworld Tales. I’ve also written several historical romance novels. My novel, Painter of Dreams, is available on Smashwords.com.

I live in the Midwest with my husband and three sons. Included in the family are a Saint Bernard, an English mastiff, and several cats. We live in a Victorian mansion built in 1895 and are currently renovating it. Yes, it’s full of ghosts.

Besides writing, I own a clipart site at ButterflyWebGraphics.com.

Painter of Dreams is my debut novel, the first in my North Star series, an erotically charged romance saga about the bold men with the courage to defy convention and pioneer a transatlantic steamship line–and the greater dream they find in the women they love.

Watch for my second book in the series, Rose On My Pillow, which will be available soon.