Painter of Dreams

Painter of Dreams is the first book in my North Star Series. Rose On My Pillow, the second book, will be available soon. I’m currently working on the fourth book, returning to New Orleans and Liverpool in order to write Deirdre’s story. Taking a peek into the lives of these beloved characters again has filled my days with fun and intrigue. They’re more than just fictional characters to me as they’ve been part of my life for so long. I’m so eager to share their stories with you.


“Her love was too sweet a prize to forfeit. Eternity was far too long to face without her.”

Painter of Dreams novelDedicated to a dream of becoming a successful painter, Desiree Thornton plans to attend an art school in New York. First, she must resolve a mystery surrounding her troubled sister. After she follows Deirdre on a foggy night in New Orleans, Desiree’s life is forever changed. She has an unforgettable encounter with the bold and handsome Brandon Hawthorn, the Earl of Drayton, a man who can incite red-hot passion with a mere touch, a man who mistakenly believes she’s a lady of the night, a thief, and, possibly, a murderer.

Brandon Hawthorn, Duke of Drayton, also holds a dear dream in his heart. He hopes to take North Star, his transatlantic shipping line out of Liverpool, to the height of success with his steam ship design. He came to New Orleans in search of investors, but his plan is waylaid after he encounters Desiree. One look in her dark eyes and a new dream is born. Unfortunately, the night brings tragedy that will set him on a quest for revenge, a quest that will demand complete surrender–a quest to finish what they started.

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Erotically charged, fast-paced, and deeply moving, Painter of Dreams will possess you and stay with you forever.