A Cat’s Letter to the Dog Humor

I wrote a humorous piece for Yaknow.com called A Cat’s Letter to the Dog. I’m sure you cat lovers (and cats) out there agree that it’s high time to put dogs in their place and let them know who rules the world. Even you dog lovers will get a chuckle from this one. So check it out, and watch for the upcoming, A Dog’s Letter to the Cat.

Two can play that game! Dogs have a lot to say about cats as well.

I’m both a cat lover and a dog lover–actually I love all animals. I currently have two dogs and four cats.

I got my inspiration for these funny articles from the never-ending battle between my Saint Bernard, Noel and cat, Izzy.  The two have hated each other ever since I brought Noel home five years ago. And yes, one time Izzy did strike out with a claw when the unsuspecting Noel passed by. Izzy jabbed her in the butt as if to say, “Take that, Dog!”

Sadly for Izzy, Noel didn’t even notice. But perhaps this letter from a cat to a dog will ensure that cat voices everywhere are heard and transcend their longtime angst and frustration about the public perception of cats and the screech-worthy phrase, “Dogs are man’s best friend.”  

Here are some recent photos of Izzy and Noel.

The naughty Miss Noel, a pampered and beloved pooch with a “kissing spot” on top of her head. She has a tendency to get herself into all kinds of trouble and can be a handful. Those Beethoven movies have the St. Bernard pegged accurately. Sometime, I’ll tell you about some of her exploits.


Izzy playing cutesy on the carpet, which involves rolling around, flipping from side-to-side and baring her tender belly sector–a place you wouldn’t want to touch or you’d get clawed. I have tales to tell about her too. She’s truly not as fat as she appears in this photo.