Valentine’s Day Graphics

Through the years, I’ve created many festive Valentine’s Day graphics for my graphics site at ButterflyWebGraphics. I wanted to showcase a few of my favorites.



Electric Love

Play with fire, but don’t get burned. These background graphics are so hot that they sizzle, and there are  plenty to choose from–everything from a sweet vintage rose to a hot neon heart. And best of all, they aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. I’ve included “blank” versions of each of the seven backgrounds, which don’t have the Valentine’s Day theme graphics so that you can use them for any type of design all through the year.



Sweetheart Valentine Fairy Graphics

Stunning Sweetheart Valentine Fairy Graphics that say Valentine’s Day. In sizzling red, they are vibrant and sweet and will help you create something festive and unforgettable on this romantic holiday. Some of the fairies have bows and arrows, some have hearts, and some have heart-shaped balloons. Wings are included in case you want to create a unique fairy of your own.



Sweetheart Tulip Graphics

Sweetheart Tulip Graphics that are nothing short of eye-candy–they’re beautiful, colorful, and sweet.  There are plenty of tulips to choose from in several vibrant colors from pink to luscious red.  Best of all, you can use these beautiful flowers for any type of design all through the year. They would be great not only for Valentine’s day designs, but also for spring designs. They would even work in goth designs–especially the tulips in dark colors.


Beautiful Valentine Background Graphics

Vibrant backgrounds and seamless tiles that are nothing short of eye-candy. Give your heart with some electrifying pizzazz this Valentine’s Day or any day of the year when you want to show your love. Create something stunning that you’ll always treasure. These are simply unforgettable.



Passionate Hearts Scrapbook Elements

This one has to be one of my all-time favorite early packages.  The wild colors are bound to catch eyes and set hearts on fire.  It’s something of a timeless classic with hearts and other elements in eye-popping hot pink, neon purple, and scalding red. And who can resist the fluffy hearts?



Key to My Heart

Numerous hearts, keys, some steam punk gears and other design elements, and a fabulous pair of antique-looking wings in aged gold. With a touch of Goth and a touch of steam-punk, these design elements will make your Valentine’s Day or romantic designs stand out. They are versatile and will be the perfect complement for design projects that are dark or angelic, classy or cute, or traditional or modern. The wings would be useful for many other projects, including digital Christmas and Easter ornaments.



Cute Cupid Graphics

You’ll fall in love with this package of cute cupids. Decked in ruby and rose outfits with heart-shaped wings, these cupids will add a special touch to your Valentine’s Day designs. Cupids are the most recognized symbols of love, but beware. It’s said that if Cupid’s arrow of love hits you, you will fall madly in love with the next person you meet. An African version of each cupid is included



You can find more on my Featured Valentine’s Graphics page.