[listicle name=”sample listicle for readme”]

This is the excerpt that will be used to tease the first item in the list from the post you are currently editing. The post within which you are placing this listicle will show this excerpt. This is the “italics” tag. You can generate this using the WordPress WYSIWYG “tinyMCE” by clicking the “i” in the editor. Or, in HTML view you probably know what to do. There should only be one.

  • autumn forestThe text inside the strong / bold tags become the headline of the post generated by listicle. The text inside the list item, also available from the WYSIWYG becomes the content of the list item post. If there is no headline specified using the “b” tag
  • bold and strong should be interchangeable If there is no strong tag listicle will use the name attribute from the listicle shortcode to generate a numbered sequence of titles for the list item posts. For example, this list item would be titled: sample listice for readme – 2. Note: Semantically, strong is the preferred option.
  • Listicle will generate list item “listicle” posts for each list item. You can have as few as one. You can delete listicles by removing the list item from the list and publishing the post.